VÉLOS Les d’Hermès

Hermès has conceived, designed and created a unisex leisure bicycle and a sporty city bicycle. Both ultra-lightweight, le Flâneur d’Hermès and le Flâneur sportif d’Hermès combine elegant lines with cutting-edge technology and the expertise one would expect of a master saddler.The bicycle is, on a deeply personal level, our most fundamental means of travel. Using nothing but the strength of your legs, it gives you the power to change your surroundings.
A few hours in the saddle is all that separates the city from rural quietude, from mountain peaks and valleys, vast lakes and the sea. On the road, as fields fade into the distance, you tackle the first sun-drenched incline, pausing at the top to take a long drink of water… an unforgettable experience. These memories are yours to keep. But there is also a more secret joy to be found in getting away to the countryside with its flowing rivers and verdant undergrowth. It is your bicycle that carries you, but you make yourself a part of it. In return, its saddle takes on the patina of time spent riding and feeling the road beneath your wheels, listening to “the gentle hum of the tyres on the tarmac.” It is your Viking longboat, your noble steed and together you are one. And when the sun comes up, it is just you with the wind in your face. You are invincible.

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