AIGNER @ FW2013 Eyewear Collection

AIGNER FW2013 eyewear collection inspired by the discreet taste of one of the most recognized fashion icons throughout history, Marie Antoinette.  Emphasizing on a perfect marriage of occasion, mood and personality, AIGNER’s latest collection traces back to the French Queen’s extravagant lifestyle, in which the persistence in craftsmanship and profoundness of style are rediscovered. The free-spirited last Queen of France and AIGNER share the same traits that denote timeless royalty.  AIGNER’s sophisticated and artistic brand spirit, along with its confident horseshoe logo and unyielding refinement of craftsmanship, compose a reflection of Marie Antoinette’s extraordinary style.
The Queen is often associated the imagery of wild horses, wild years and wild parties, just in tune with the enthusiasm, freedom and confidence represented by AIGNER’s horseshoe logo. These traits have made AIGNER’s pursuit of superb craftsmanship possible and established the brand’s fame, while preserving a royal flair for the modern age.
This season, AIGNER has deconstructed the extravagant lifestyle of Marie Antoinette and reinvented an in-depth correlation of life and style through its latest eyewear designs. Delicately embellished with Swarovski crystal and ergonomically designed for Asian contours, AIGNER’s eyewear collection also elaborates the brand’s heritage by extracting distinctive elements from its handbag and accessories collections, creating a style of chic elegance.

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