Atlantis Blue Seafood Bar & Restaurant Opens in M88 Central

A brand new seafood dining concept restaurant Atlantis Blue, is going to rebuild the legendary sunken kingdom of Atlantis as the base for its quest to deliver the purest-tasting seafood imaginable. Introducing a dining concept currently unfamiliar to Hong Kong, an urban dining has been prevalent in many metropolises like New York, San Francesco and London for more than a decade. Always coming with a touch of freshness and a twist, this dining culture, advocating exquisite delicacy is a revolution to the restrained culture of fine dining. A high quality of ingredients and experience of palate sensations and stimulation are assured.
The 2800 sq ft restaurant and bar has a 64 sitting capacity as well as a 10-12 seats private dining room. Atlantis is a legendary island dating back to the ancient Greek myths. The spatial concept of Atlantis Blue is derived from the themes of myth and mystery. Reclaimed timber was used in both the flooring and walls, with ancient maps and Greek scripts imprinted in a unique blue colour on the walls.
A stainless steel mirrored ceiling was also adopted for the purpose of expanding the ceiling height. The reflective ceiling was specially cut using a laser in a pattern that was inspired by underwater movements and features. A delicious underwater treasure is hidden right here, waiting to be discovered.
 <Seafood Platter>
The fresh catch of the day consists of Sicilian red prawns, Chef’s selected oysters, raw scallops, yellowtail sashimi, sea whelks and seasonal shellfish are undoubtedly the most popular and freshest combination for a seafood platter that certainly brings you a real experience of “seafood pleasure”.
 <Yellow Tail Ceviche with Soy Chili Yuzu Kushyu Sauce>
A unique yuzu sauce with yuzu-pepper, mirin, sake and Japanese soy sauce, is served with yellow tail. The luscious aroma highlights the freshness of the fish.
<Octopus Crudo with Green Apple and Black Truffle Vinaigrette>
Quality octopus crudo with a salad creates sophisticated textures. Subtle black truffle paste with sweet and sour green apple pieces taste marvellous together. The refreshing white and purple colours stimulate the appetite.
<Virgin Mary or Volcano Dashi with Birdeye Chili Oyster Shooter>
Oysters taste extraordinarily fresh. An extra-sour Virgin Mary, complete with tomatoes, celery and bird’s eye chili, enhances the sweetness of the oysters. The Volcano, consists of dashi with bonito flakes, kombu soup and bird’s eye chili, and is a perfect match to the fresh oysters.

<Deep-fried Duck Foie Gras with Crispy Polenta Crust, 
Balsamic Reduction and Seasonal Figs>
Instead of the usual shallow frying method, Atlantis Blue makes a bold move by dressing the duck foie gras in a crispy polenta crust. Together with the balsamic reduction and seasonal figs, this brings a strong sensory encounter.
<French Quail with Japanese Plum Wine and Hawthorn Puree>
Quality French quails, each weighing 220g to 250g, come with a special Japanese plum wine and hawthorn puree sauce to create an exceptional flavour. The puree, being the essence of the dish, has been tested and revised over 20 times to attain the perfect sourness.

<Beef Tartar with Crispy Bread and Arugula>
Quality US beef and secret recipes make this beef tartar extraordinarily succulent. Accompanied by two cute animals which are actually home-made crispy bread, the whole tartar becomes lively. The Chef takes 3 hours each time to prepare the “animals” with plain bread to make this tartar the most unique one in the world. 

Address: 7/F, M88
2 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2521 6699

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