ATSURO TAYAMA @ AW2013 Masculine Dark Story Composed of Black Collection

 ATSURO TAYAMA AW2013 masculine dark story composed of black collection comes with the big silhouettes and masculine items give an impression of nobleness to the masculine styling as the attention to detail, fine cut-overs and combination of different materials create a three dimensional quality along with superb tailoring. Decorative details with volume evoke femininity, but on the whole, masculinity is emphasized.
 Particular attention was given to create clothes that make sense. It isonly pursuing formative beautyby deforming the silhouetteandinflating, but also giving them function. The large bulge on the back serves as a backpack, the large down filled collars are removable, and the knitted waistcoat is made light by not filling it with down, but by layering the same knitted fabrics.
 The jewel embellishments, sequins and metallic studs scattered all over the pieces in the collection are not glittery, but emit a decadent, blunt and astute light, which calls up the underground. A complex and prismatic brilliance increase by combining glittering materials and powerful femininity is expressed by the hand-printed foils that cover the fabrics.
 This dark story is composed of big silhouettes that envelop a resilience that could beat the cold, and fine fragments. It represents a woman with hidden strength who has made the power of black work for her.

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