MCM @ AW2013 Phenomenon Collection

MCM  debuts their highly successful collaboration celebrating the brand’s value for innovation, creativity and glamour in this A/W2013 with  cult Japanese street brand, Phenomenon. Designed by Japanese hip-hop artist & Creative Director Takeshi Osumi (aka BIG-O), the latest cornerstone flaunts a witty East-meets-West interpretation of MCM’s German-inspired craftsmanship and Phenomenon’s Japanese visual panache. Presenting a houndstooth-inspired aesthetic, the latest limited edition adopts an ingenious fusion of contrasts in both concept and design, embracing vintage motifs combined with contemporary veneers in a fashion-meets-future tour-de-style. A pattern of status, houndstooth was established as an insignia of prestige during the Age of Travel, making it ideal for the mobility-inspired design.
Presenting a first-time chiaroscuro effect, the aperiodic style-hybrid presents sharp juxtapositions between light and dark contrasts boasting an incandescent glow when presented against bright light. Handcrafted in a duet of wool & nylon reflector print, the MCM by Phenomenon Collection receives a duotone camo-inspired façade characterised by abstracted four-pointed patterns over supple shapes, continuing the collection’s statement-making signature allure. A tribute to maximalist-style enthusiasts, the collection presents a generous dash of sculptural hardwares embossed on leather, creating a fresh, vigorous, tough-lux silhouette.
Debuting a never before seen anthology of styles, the latest edition introduces a document case, a north-south shopper, a backpack, and a duo of bomber jackets to boot, presenting an exhibit of unique designs inspired by boundlessness, freedom of movement & the spirit of adventure. The multipurpose document case is redesigned for practicality, emphasising lightness in use highlighting the unique houndstooth-reflector material featuring a minimal hardware display. Following suit, the unisex north-south shopper is designed for sophistication sans ostentation, whose luminescent exterior is guaranteed to inspire onlookers with envy.
Making a debut in medium, the backpack asserts a natural-lux construction, featuring a wool anterior bordered by iridescent leather with nickel-embossed studs, garnering an audacious look that is unapologetically distinct and theatrically svelte. The collection finale concludes with a montage of sensational ready-to-wear bomber jackets, available for discreet-chic fanatics and devotees to boldly ornate, exotic-chic styles. Collectible, eccentrically chic & inimitable, the latest limited-edition premiere makes nothing short of head-turning style statements. The extraordinary and rare limited edition collection is designed for style-enthusiasts & the urban glitterati alike, made to add cheeky-glam flairs to any style arrangement.

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