Christophe Robin @ A Collection of Natural Volume Treatments with Rose Extracts

Christophe Robin introduces a collection of natural volume treatments with rose extracts. The delicate <Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts> gives you the gentlest possible cleansing for ultimate color protection, plus lasting treatment.Perceptible volume and body without drying or weighing down hair. The gel formula and surprising texture of this shampoo provide an unbelievably gentle wash; upon application, it glides over the hair and produces a very light lather. Enriched with rose water and fortifying baobab leaf extract, it preserves color, repairs and smoothes the hair while adding volume. Its antioxidant ingredients, rose oil and glycerin extract, combine with an acidic pH of 4.9 to close the hair scales, preventing pigments from leaching out and keeping the color vivid and glossy. 

The hair is brought back to life, appearing thicker and more toned. It is easy to style and maintains its color.

<The Volumizing Conditioner with Rose Extracts> works with the delicate shampoo to aid in detangling and boost the sculpting, restructuring effect. The innovative, repairing formula of the conditioner, enriched with rose water and fortifying baobab leaf extract, leaves your fine, colored hair feeling light and volumized, with natural hold. Its concentrated dose of antioxidants, in the rose oil and glycerin extract, combined with vitamins A and E, help to nourish your hair and maintain its vivid color without weighing down your mane. Leave the conditioner on the length and ends of your hair for several minutes, avoiding the roots, for a more intense repairing effect; or apply and rinse quickly. 

smooth, repaired hair with immediately visible, lasting volume. Vivid, protected color.

<Instant Volumizing Mist with Rose Water> innovative treatment of this alcohol-free haircare mist is composed of 96% rose water, offering softening and soothing benefits for the scalp, which is often irritated after coloring. Apply by first rubbing the scalp gently, then spraying over the entire head of hair to provide natural hold right from the roots, for volume and a long-lasting style. The natural rose extract prevents color from oxidizing.

This discreetly scented treatment makes hair easy to style and lastingly thicker for natural volume. Apply to damp or dry hair before styling, over the scalp, roots and length. Do not rinse.

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