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Following her fashion accessories pop up bazaar last year, which was met with immense popularity, Tina Liu, a renowned Hong Kong image stylist dubbed ‘The First Lady of Looking Good’ presents Tina’s Choice : A new fashion accessories targeted to style seekers and fashion lovers as well as her fans. Tina’s Choice is Tina’s personal curation from around the world that offers refreshing choices of fashion jewelry, handbags and shawls in her very own one-of-a-kind unique styles. Liu told mylifestylenews how all of these get started......

How did Tina’s Choice get started?
It was inspired by a project I did a couple of years ago for the Hong Kong Film Award. I was the Image Director for the mega stars norminees photo shoot that year. For the first time, I used film strips and hand made some accessories for styling. The result received raving reviews. I then looked at accessories in new light finding its unlimited room for creativity enchanting. I took some short courses to learn more and travelled to search for interesting designs and brands. Before you know it, the idea of sharing through a shop came by. Step by step encouraged and supported by a core group of friends and professionals,  the business idea matured into the brand and shop we see today.

You are a woman of jack of all trade, Fashion Stylist, columnist, Judge in Fashion events, Style Icon, Fashion influencer, Consultant, a mother and etc. Which role do you like best? 
I like them all because they are all part of me! The different roles are manifestations of my interests and abilities. I consider myself super lucky living out my passions. Work and play fused together. The particular role of being a mother is unique and I totally enjoy it because of my daughter Yoyo Sham. Not sure if I would enjoy it the same if it was not her! She is wonderful! Haha! 

How do you manage to find your fellow fashion accessories designers from around the world? 
I travelled to Europe several times last couple of years to search at various fairs and showrooms.

Do you/Will you involve in the design process? 
Currently I do not involve significantly in the design process. I define myself as an editor with the eye. I like to focus on my strength.  Will I involve in the design process in the future? I will not say a definite no but only when I am ready.

When you are out there sourcing, do you source for design, trend or style? 
I source for accessories that have uniqueness and style. Of course I have to consider market acceptability as well.

How did you manage to juggle your life and work balance? 
I love my work which is a major part of my life. I have to remind myself to take time out to do other things in life like relaxing and having dinners with friends.

Describe Tina’s Choice style.
Glamourous, minimal, sophisticated, fun, interesting, elegant, avant garde, contemporary, unisex, unique…you will find them all in Tina’s Choice because I position myself as an Image Consultant choosing for clients with various personal styles and lifestyles. The one word that ties everything together is – stylish.

What kind of personality for a person who wears Tina’s Choice should have? 
The accessories are to adorn the wearer, not the opposite. I would like my customers to be themselves and let the ornaments bring out their beauty and charm!

Who is best represents Tina’s Choice?  
(Beside Tina Liu, of course) Sorry, I can’t think of anyone else but yours truely.

What are the messages you would like to deliver to people who wear Tina’s Choice? 
Have fun choosing, have fun wearing! Let the accessories flatter your image while giving you pleasure and beauty.

What does the brand likes to achieve? 
We would like to be the brand that people come for “affordable luxury” in fashion accessories with style and good taste.

What are you working on now? 
Tina’s Choice has just been born. We are taking baby steps to grow.

Fashion/Style is……
A reflection of time, culture, taste and personal expression.

What are your fashion tips to Hong Kong people? 
Be more confident and creative.

What did you shop last? 
Home fragrance.

Things that you love to have next? 
Some rest? (^_^)

What is your favorite possession? 

What is your ideal way of a living lifestyle? 
Work and play fused together. I think I am living it. Lucky indeed.


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