MIKIMOTO Opens New Store In ifc mall

 MIKIMOTO Celebrates the Grand Opening of ifc mall Boutique Unveiling 120 Years of Splendid History and an Abounding Legacy and the 2014 Collection inspired by the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
 The six masterpieces of the High Jewellery Collection, including the delicate, stunning Body Jewellery, the 3-dimensional collar-like necklace, and the sparkling tanzanite necklace, all feature innovative design and structure that showcase the natural and alluring splendor of pearls.
 <The Body Jewelry> is the one-of-a-kind piece to be worn around the body marries the exquisite craftsmanship and lustrous pearls to accentuate the feminine curves in a soft and elegant way.
<Mobius> defying traditional necklace design, this twisted necklace resembles a Mobius Strip and fascinates us with a 3-dimensional structure. Looking like the collar of the traditional Japanese kimono, this necklace is timelessly unique and fashionable. 

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