Wellendorff Celebrates The Colours of Happiness With The “Genuine Delight” Collection

Wellendorff celebrates the most genuine of emotions - happiness by showcasing the  new “Genuine Delight” collection recently. Presenting its magnificence alongside the “Genuine Delight” collection was the Magic Spring necklace with its remarkable 9.18ct emerald Octagon, a perfect representation of femininity in an elegant expression that holds true to the principles of first-rate quality and unique design.
Demonstrated in the multifaceted nature of happiness in seven colours of the rainbow, the “Genuine Delight” collection is fashioned in cold enamel with matching jewellery consisting of rings in 18 carat yellow gold and cold enamel entwined with an inner ring of glistening diamonds; necklaces with amulets that can be worn in nineteen different ways, created with the finest gold and adorned with a brilliant sunshine effect from their unique silken tassels; fresh and modern bracelets madewith nine remarkable Wellendorff ropes and decorative hoop earrings in each lucky shade. 
The unique design in Wellendorff’s new collection is infused with features of modernity and sensuality in sparklingly vivacious features that reminds the wearer of a personal magical moment of delight every time the diamonds sparkles.
 Founded by Ernst-Alexander Wellendorff in 1893, this year, Wellendorff marks their momentous milestone of 120 years of pioneering vision by continuing to craft perfect jewellery of everlasting values in reflection of their deep rooted family tradition. Indeed, they are set to carry on their philosophy of “Wahre Werte” in 2014 with the release of the “Genuine Delight” collection, representing the first time the Wellendorff manufactory has given versatility in a diverse range of colours embodying the secret of true happiness; each colour, in their own way, reflecting the treasured moments that are infused with boundless joy, to be kept safe and close to oneself for a lifetime.

And to further emphasize Hong Kong’s deep personal significance to the Wellendorff family, Wellendorff selected Hong Kong as the first place to launch the new global concept for all Wellendorff boutiques. The iconic Wellendorff flower motif is emphasized and strategically placed on the walls from the entrance throughout the shop, which is crowned with the unmistakable diamond “W” logo perched on the entrance of the boutique, reminding clientele of the House’s commitment to unmatched craftsmanship and quality.

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