Longchamp 2013 Christmas Pick @ “LE PLIAGE® DE NOËL” Collection

 Longchamp 2013 Christmas Pick “LE PLIAGE® DE NOËL” Collection is twenty years young and full of surprises. Le Pliage® Little Cat is fun and purr with contentment. Peeping out from its fabulously fluffy fluorescent pink lamb fur is a pair of eyes (complete with lashes!) that simply sparkle with mischief. Embroidered whiskers and a bright button nose testify to Longchamp’s attention to detail, while a black bow tie means the little cat is ready to an X’mas party!
 Le Pliage® Black Cavalier comes emblazoned with Longchamp’s legendary racehorse logo. The spirited steed gallops into view on Le Pliage® Black Cavalier, its silver hooves glittering against a black suede background. Complementing the bag’s sophisticated black-on-black design, a long white tassel in genuine horse hair swings with every step.

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