FENDI Introducing Intrecciato @ The New Selleria Material

 FENDI Introducing Intrecciato, the New Selleria Material. A novelty in FENDI’s brand new MTO service is the Intrecciato, a material inspired by the fur workmanships, consisting in interwoven leather stripes and available in three colours. At the end of the Forties, this unique workmanship was the idea of Adele Fendi, to change the perception of the accessories that since that moment were rigid and constructed, and to create a soft and versatile textile that was interwoven with soft nappa leathers just like string in an embroidery. For a woman that started to become more modern and projected towards the work life. The Intrecciato offers a fun option of adding the name initials on the front of the bag.
  With an exacting vision of master craftsmanship, coupled with an attention to detail and using the most exclusive fabrics, Selleria was born. The made-to-order, a premium service for the Selleria line, has now been  enriched with a  wider selection. It is the emblem of the FENDI heritage translated to a contemporary creativity. A one-of-a kind opportunity in its genre, for the most loyal FENDI customers. The possibility of personalizing every single detail of the iconic Peekaboo, Baguette and the Adele and Anna bags part of the Selleria collection.
The major phases require artisans to hand-check and select the best parts of the materials to ensure that thickness and color are all uniform. The shape of the bag is hand designed and the parts are then cut by hand following the lining of the model. A unique detail and the most important phase, the hand-stitching, done by the most expert and strong FENDI Master Saddlers of the FENDI atelier. An exclusive packaging completes the experience; the made-to-order creations are presented in a precious box with a special letter signed by Silvia Venturini Fendi.

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