MISSHA @ Secret Recipe Mask

MISSHA introduces three secret recipe Mask with secret recipe what nature provides you for purified skin. <MISSHA Secret Recipe Brightening Rice Mask> with 15% of rice water to make your skin bright and radiant and helps improve dull complexions. Soft and creamy wash off mask to make your skin clear and radiant with rice water extract, the beauty secret from the Orient<MISSHA Secret Recipe Clean Vegetables Mask> make your skin clear and purified. The peel-off mask create clear and smooth skin by absorbing impurities with vegetable complex, containing 15% vegetable extract, it helps make rough skin caused by aged skin cells and impurities clear and glowing. <MISSHA Secret Recipe Soothing Cucumber Sleeping Mask> 15% with cucumber extract to make your skin comfortable and moisturized. This sleeping mask makes your fatigued skin moisturized and comfortable during night. 

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