MEL Dreamed by Melissa @ FW2013 Collection

MEL FW2013 collection presents products that were specially created with love and dedication to make every single moment of the day a very special one. Always up to date and shine in every occasion with the latest fashion trends, the new collection is feminine, sweet and fun with a lot of glitter and colorful prints.
 It is heart fever and your heart is going to beat faster with the application of maxi ornaments, patterns and metallic shaped hearts which promise to bring passion to its new styles. The new collection is going to seduce you with a variety of textures and sensations caused by the new products.
 MEL dreamed by Melissa keeps its essence by providing a comfortable and affordable fashion accessory. Taking advantage of Melfex which is unlike any other plastic material used in the market, MEL's styles have more elasticity, impermeability and resistance.
 As Mel is also about technology, your favorite velvet MEL shoe can now count on a special feature: each pair receives a waterproof treatment, making it more resistant and keeping its integrity for a longer time.

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