Matsuichiya Japan’s Top Tonkotsu Noodle Expert Landed in Hong Kong

Japanese Ramen invasion in Hong Kong seems never come to an end, Matsuichiya is one of the latest in town and also their first overseas shop after 60 outlets in Japan. It was also acclaimed for its top Tonkotsu Noodle (Japanese-style broth) expert among others, all made in accordance with its own closely-guarded secret recipes. The first Matsuichiya Japanese Tonkotsu Noodles specialty shop opened on 23 April, 1998, in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. The President & CEO of its parent company, MG Holdings Co., Ltd, Mr. Katsunari Matsuno, began learning the business and experimenting with recipes at an early age. After numerous failures, his non-stop efforts finally yielded the soul of the ramen, Tonkotsu. This unique soup has a natural flavour derived from its principal ingredient, fresh Japanese pork bones cooked non-stop for two days without any artificial additives.
Matsuichiya’s medium-thick wheat noodles are made with natural water drawn from the beautiful Arida River in Wakayama Prefecture. They have been selected from more than 1,000 types of noodles because of the wheat’s rich aroma and great taste, as well as their delightfully elastic texture.The 30-seat outlet is decorated in the some simple style as those in Japan. As told, all its trimmings, including the types of soy sauce and salt and the flavour of the miso style and special garlic black sesame oil served will be easily identical, in which, they are rather taste similar and flat in taste. Despite the staff members were trained in Japan, on the opening day event, the service was rather lost and messy. If this is the Japanese standard of measure, it was in total failure.

G/F, 4 Sun Wui Road, 
Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2433 3537

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