LA BIOSTHETIQUE Dermosthetique® @ A Holistic Cellular Anti-Aging Concept

In partnership with leading dermatologists LA BIOSTHETIQUE has developed DERMOSTHETIQUE, a holistic, cellular anti-aging concept. This concept has been subjected to thorough clinical testing. It directly influences protection, activity and regenerative ability of the skin’s mother cells based on the latest discoveries in cell research. Prevention of glycation, i.e. saccharification which hardens the connective tissue creating signs of aging
in the skin and scalp.
Thorough clinical tests have confirmed the products’ outstanding anti-aging effect. They are even suitable for sensitive skin. The latest discoveries in anti-aging research of hair, skin and scalp are leading to targeted, causal forms of therapy with the DERMOSTHETIQUE products.
Use of ingredients that are also used in the medical sector, Cell-active active ingredients that constitute a breakthrough in cosmetic research Biomimetic (skin-identical) formulations for all hair and skin products. Liposomally encapsulated active ingredients to carry these formulations to the layers of the skin where they can take effect.

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