Jasons ▪ Food & Living Introduces "Beaujolais Nouveau Day”

Jasons ▪ Food & Living celebrates the worldwide Beaujolais Nouveau Day with all gourmands in town. Jasons shared the joy by uncorking bottle after bottle of the two selected French wines including Georges Duboeuf, one of the top brands of Beaujolais in the world. This celebrated red wine is recognized as the freshest wine of the year and is fermented from the finest first pressing of Gamay grapes in the French Beaujolais region.
 An annual celebration started in the 30s when wine producers created a ‘wine of the year’ to celebrate the end of harvest and this festivity soon spread to all corners of the world and with Jasons now adopting the tradition!
 Sean Robson, Jasons’ Wine Specialist said, “In Europe people would usually travel to France to taste Beaujolais Nouveau, but now Jasons has brought it here. It is definitely a seasonal product, that can be easily enjoyed either on its own, or paired with different foods such as ham and cheese. This makes it a great choice for home dining and parties during the festive season. To deliver further excitement, the bottle label design is fun, colourful and happy, making it a valuable collector’s item.”
Kevin Wong, the Merchandise Manager of Jasons said, “Beaujolais Nouveau is very unique, it is meant to be enjoyed before it has matured. The modified fermentation technique has become a new art in the wine industry, and has received favourable responses from around the globe. It is sought-after by wine lovers and is very popular across different markets including Japan, Taiwan and Australia. Jasons is bringing wine lovers the latest Beaujolais Nouveau from France straight to town, offering customers an opportunity to taste the lightness and freshness of this worldrenowned wine.”

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