MCM Presents Their Munich Studio with Craig & Karl

 MCM opened the first MCM Pop Up Studio in Munich recently and  paid tribute to its heritage and simultaneously celebrates the result of the productive collaboration with the eccentric artist duo Craig & Karl. MCM chose a top location in the heart of the Munich city to set up the new exciting Studio under the theme of the Craig & Karl collection. In a high-class environment, surrounded by several luxury shops nearby the Max-Joseph plaza, the impressive MCM location includes a 96 sqm store space and a 57 sqm showroom area.
 The very special concept of the MCM Studio is reflected in a diversity of special details. The space combines a gallery part in which art works are displayed on the wall, a coffee bar and a showroom area all elements inviting the visitor to stay and spend time in the creative MCM space. Inspiration can be drawn of and brand lovers can visit the amazing Studio until the end of May 2014.
The refreshing collection “Beyond Snowdome” perfectly reflects the modern image and vision of MCM and is the second collaboration between the inspirational force Craig & Karl and MCM. This unexpected and surprising collaboration between the traditional brand MCM and the artists Craig & Karl shows the brand’s new face and aim of the MCM Studio: A new MCM with a young, fun and spirited brand image.
One of the highlights in terms of the Studio was the opening event on the 21st of November 2013. With this amazing evening with special performance by Frida Gold and the fruitful collaboration in a set-up completely covered under the theme of Craig & Karl and their “Beyond Snowdome” collection were celebrated. CEO Paolo Fantonelli, supermodel such as Bonnie Strange, Franziska Knuppe, Papis Loveday and Anika Scheibe, Carl Jakob Haupt and designer Rayan Odyll attended to the opening event. 
This extraordinary collaboration with the exceptional talents Craig & Karl places MCM in a very different context within the art scene and opens the doors to a new and exciting future of the brand.

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