ETRO @ AW2013 Men Collection

 ETRO AW2013 calling the new barbarians on the roundway. The wheel of creativity: everything revolves and transforms, revealing the consequence of the previous step. The sounds and signs of the world are compressed, the extremes draw near to each other, intermingling.
They are barbarous and furious, it is the result of an alchemical process through which GengisKean tells the intimate feeling that lies at the base of our strictest contemporaneity: we’re living an important time of transition, aware of belonging to history. Contradictory elements and techniques ally to construct a world of primordial density, of mythological and legendary evocations that become weightless and fluid. A summary of sensations, an existential Mandala.
The most traditional of loden ends up resembling a kimono, the soft materials and gauze give a roundness and softness that is shared by cultures as far apart as those of the Himalayas and Ireland. The broad lapels of coats to be inhabited are rounded, egg-shaped, and the trousers are slim for fast running, to keep up with the sense of impermanence that gives us stability. The origin: synthesis, sedimentation, and synchronicity that the dandy and the prince have in common with the Sherpa, which includes ease and sophistication, uniqueness together with universality. 

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