Smythson 2013 Christmas Campaign Video

The feeling of magic at Christmas time is something that has been synonymous with Smythson from the outset. The giving of presents crafted with love has been part of the Smythson legacy for over 125 years. As the playfulness and enchantment of the festive season begins, the magical story behind each individual gift is exquisite and unique, and this message is resonated in our Holiday Campaign video. Directed by Virgilio Villoresi, ‘125 Years of Magical Gifts’ projects a sensation of playful nostalgia and wonder, connecting the magic of the holiday season with the familiar feeling of anticipation and awe we adopt as children in the countdown to Christmas. The video highlights this emotion with a theatrical magic show taking centre stage. Opening in vignette, a warm spotlight focuses on the hands of a traditional magician; Smythson’s signature Nile blue featherweight paper creating the perfectly contrasting backdrop to a reel of exciting illusions. An array of iconic collections is brought to life in a series of delightful tricks and slight-of-hand, drawing the spectator into what feels like an intimate experience. Much like a genuine magic show, a soundtrack of awe-filled cheers heightens the feeling of excitement, whilst mesmerising motions of the magician’s white gloves hint at unforeseen surprises. 

The one minute video is shot frame by frame, allowing each transition to remain seamless and beautifully engaging. Reminiscent of the brand’s history, 125 Years of Magical Gifts creates a charming juxtaposition of the past and present -  the traditional practise of magic resounded in a modern world much like Smythson’s timeless, handcrafted products. Bold and bright bursts of the iconic Panama notebook mystically disappear. The Venetian Red Eliot handbag, beautifully tailored to the very last stitch, transforms itself. The versatile yet effortlessly charming Grosvenor document case follows in a flash, its sudden appearance as surprising at its uncompromising versatility. A whimsical arrangement of Panama purses duplicate piano keys, delightfully played before rapidly disappearing into thin air. Revealed is the signature Nile blue Smythson gift box that entices that same feeling of excitement for so many each year. This box is still an iconic symbol of a gift hidden inside, handcrafted with love and unrivalled excellence. Continuing the message of magic, Smythson’s captivating Christmas windows exhibit a unique selection of hand-picked Christmas gifts, brought to life by the magician’s gloves floating before giant Panama notebooks. Our festive gift guide displays a delectable assortment of presents artfully animated with iconic featherweight paper to give life to a host of whimsical characters. After 125 years Smythson remains true to this legacy creating memorable gifts not only for Christmas, but for a lifetime.

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