ESTĒE LAUDER Re-Opens Newly Renovated Store At ifc mall

Estée Lauder unveils an unique, fresh, dynamic and welcoming environment and immerses in the luxury and modern glamour of the brand in ifc mall. This innovative concept expresses the Estée Lauder story, through a cohesive and complementary design elements representative of the brand’s distinctive architecture. Luxury meets approachability, as this inviting setting features ever-transforming visuals to announce newness and a wide range of experiences to engage the consumer from complete self-navigation to expert service.

The brand new Estee Lauder flagship store displays perfect harmony between modernity, feminine, innovation and luxury, and the entire design accentuates on spaciousness, quality, approachable and comfort with plenty of translucent glass, precious constructions materials as well as polished chrome, and clean, linear furnishings.

The store’s color cues are contemporary, yet tap into Estée Lauder’s heritage through a harmonious combination of white and signature navy with classic gold as embellishment, giving it a modern and elegant touch. Bright and richly-toned, the retail environment is designed to have the feel of a spacious salon. Illuminated throughout with radiant, white light, the up and down lit glass column with laminated folded sheer accentuates a hint of feminine and Art Deco elegance.

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