BVLGARI @ The DIVA Eyewear Collection

BVLGARI The DIVA Eyewear Collection is an exclusive creations that are designed to enhance one of the most attractive features of a woman: her gaze. These unique pieces from the Diva eyewear collection cross the boundary between accessory and jewellery, giving vent to an eclectic and playful creativity which combines the sparkle of gold and precious stones with the refined tones of the acetate. The smoked lenses enrich the sunglasses with their delicate nuances and confer just the right amount of mystery.
The first model from this exceptional series is in lavender acetate, and the striking cat-shaped frame comes with a comma on the front tapered with gold and the purest of diamonds. It features applied geometric elements that mischievously evoke long, captivating eyelashes, just like those seen on the luminaries of the 1960s. This very feminine creation craftily conceals the jeweller’s skill: the acetate is carefully shaped and cut by hand, while the individual gold elements that make up the motif are individually fused, assembled and then fixed on to the frame. Diamonds of various shapes and sizes are chosen, and then skilfully embedded so as to create a captivating assemblage that plays with light. This is all complemented by the pink-purple lens that is in complete harmony with the acetate’s soft transparent hue, extending beyond the frame in an alluring game of femininity.
The second model is a veritable explosion of daring creativity that is entirely in tune with Bulgari's renowned style. It calls to mind the atmosphere of a colourful carnival ball and transforms the 60s-inspired, large-framed sunglasses into a real mask supported by a lateral arm, rediscovering the opulence of those 18th century Venetian celebrations. The masks were often adorned with precious decorations and finishing touches that made them true works of art, and they were also used during these jubilant festivities to conceal attendee's identities, playing with mystery and initiating the courtship dance. This extraordinary piece is decorated on the front with a rose motif made from white gold and emeralds surmounted by multi-coloured feathers. These sunglasses also conjure up the style of the 30s and 40s; the bewitching femme fatale wrapped in a feather boa, as light as a breeze, wrapping around her seductively, revealing the purity of her neck and shoulders.
The sumptuous decorative motif in the shape of a rose is made from gold and embellished with diamonds and emeralds, and it posed a real technical and aesthetic challenge. It is created with the same techniques used by Bulgari to craft its jewellery, modelling each individual petal and embedding the gems with a meticulous attention to detail. The motif is then assembled together with the feathers, which are chosen to perfectly match the shade of the stones, and it is then mounted on to the frame. Moving from a carnivalesque dream into reality, the arm can be removed to transform the mask into sunglasses a once again, a contemporary accessory that evokes mystery by its very definition. The distinctive Serpenti motif is then added, the scales made from white gold and diamonds which illuminate the arm and the front of the sunglasses.

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