PRADA 2013 Christmas Window Display

PRADA 2013 Christmas window display recreated through a three-dimensional collage of powerfully iconic Prada products. The set-up inspired by the "Wunderkammer", or a cabinet of wonders, in vogue from the 16th-18th centuries in the most cultured, sophisticated and exclusive cicles of European aristocracy. The curtain backdrop produces a minimal, almost theatre-like setting.
The atmosphere is completed by a faithful reproduction of the cherry wood display cabinets with a glass shelves of the original Prada store, which opened in 1913 in Milan's Galleria Vittoria Emanuelle II. Next to the cabinets are arranged major pieces of the brand's classic luggage- saffiano leather trunks, veauty cases and hat boxes revisited and featuring Hawaiian prints from the 2014 Resort collection. The luxury and sophistication of the articles harmoniously merge with the exuberance and exoticism of the arrangements and the product.

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