ETRO @ 2013 Christmas Limited Edition Paisley Scarves

ETRO 2013 Christmas Limited Edition Paisley Scarves inspired by “starry night, ocean and forest”. This time, the extraordinary Italian craftsman of ETRO combines sharp light colours and naturally soft cashmere to reinterprets the classical Paisley pattern through these scarves of limited Christmas edition. As the brand’s principle, Paisley is the point of inspiration. This pattern of ancient time was seen in decoration since Mesopotamian civilization. It was derived from the seed of the date palm, which represented the “Tree of Life”. ETRO infuses modern elements into the ever-changing pattern of Paisley, endowing life to the design and spreading toward the kingdom of luxury. The design of the three limited editions of ETRO scarves are inspired by starry night, ocean and forest. Each represents three major characteristic of human life - quiet, pure and mystery. The blue colour of tranquil sky is the keynote of the ETRO scarf with theme of starry night. The colour thoroughly spreads out onto the scarf, with vermilion and orange decorations. The gradation of the colours extend from inside, with Paisley pattern rolling in between. Some fragmentary spots scattered among the Paisley pattern as if sparks shine at the peaceful night. ETRO scarf of oceanic theme reveals shiny light blue as the main colour, mixing with rose and violet and balanced by dark green.
The changing Paisley pattern is like dancing with the creatures under the sea, the edge of the pattern has a varying curve like the spray leaping over the sea. ETRO scarf with forest theme features the green under a sky-blue night. Coloured spots scattered on the dark-coloured foundation as if they are bringing users to the mysterious bush. Gold and vermilion Paisley patterns orderly spread around like the guardian angels who taking care of the quiet forest. The collection artfully shows the design concept through its graceful prints and gorgeous colours. Classical Paisley pattern is endowed a new life the elegance of Renaissance has been embodied by the luxurious cashmere, infusing dignity and nobility in every motion of sewing. When you put on the cashmere scarf and feel its smoothness, a splendid journey has quietly ensued. 

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