KAT LAI DK Aromatherapy Introduces A medicine-free Way To Cure Insomnia With Natural Remedies That Offer Quality Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem among urbanites and some people suffers from long-term insomnia and often encounter focus lost, reduced creativity, slow in response, or even memory loss. Through natural aromatherapy can help to reduce stress and regain your focus and enhance your relaxation. Kat Lai, a senior aromatherapy consultant and hypnotherapy instructor introduces a medicine-free way to cure insomnia with natural remedies that helps you sleep better.

"Our sense of smell is connected to the central nervous system. Appropriate and safe use of natural aromatherapy can regulate the body and mind and eliminate stress." says Lai by just inhaling the aroma while breathing into the central nervous system has the power to make one feel relaxed and comfortable. Aromatherapy diffusers disperse essential oil into the air, which lets people enjoy the aerosols and, thus, the curative effect of aromatherapy. In conjunction, five minutes of breathing exercises before going to bed everyday can effectively improve the quality of sleep. A university survey last year found that more than 60% of adults suffer from insomnia due to work pressure, academic pressure, and health problems, which act as the main causes.

The Heart Math, an electronic instrument developed by Stanford University for breathing exercises, measures blood flow and heartbeat, which helps observe a person's psychological condition and the effects of insomnia. The system guide the use of breathing methods along with aromatherapy to help achieve a balanced state of relaxation. Another potent method to deal with insomnia is DK Aromatherapy Aroma Pod with lightweight body is convenient to carry around. Whenever you encounter insomnia and tension, you only need to put in the aroma capsule and gently push the start button to feel the bursts of natural aroma. It is like being in nature in an instant. Combining this therapy with breathing practice facilitates easy and sound sleep anytime, anywhere.

Being under stress for a long time is detrimental to mental health, so wisely choose a calming and relaxing herbal aromatherapy. DK Aromatherapy’s Aroma Pod comes with aroma capsules in five different essential oil compositions: “Metal,” “Wood,” “Water,” “Fire,” and “Earth”; these are blended in accordance with the “Five Elements” concept of Chinese medicine and each helps prevent and treat stress, sadness, insomnia, depression, and emotional problems. For example, the earth composition contains rose geranium, bergamot, neroli, petitgrain and vetiver, which can reduce anxiety, desire, mental burden and emotional fluctuations and is especially suitable for use before going to bed. Also available in five identical capsules or a set with each. Aromatherapy helps achieve inner peace, eliminate complicated thoughts, maintain a state of balance and relaxation, and reduce mental stress. In addition, aromatherapy has been deemed as a natural therapy that uses different functions of essential oil to strike a balance between physical and mental health.

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