Kiehl’s Celebrates The Earth Day 2021

always strive for better - from responsible formulations, packaging & manufacturing to supporting communities and reducing environmental impact. Around the world, they are committed to a “Future Made Better” to create a better future with the power of the brand, and strive to support the sustainable development policy in different ways. Every year, Kiehl’s celebrates the Earth Day on April 22nd with a series of "Made Better Program" to encourage people to go green. The key commitment of Kiehl’s "Future Made Better" is to maximize the utility of packaging materials and reuse & recycle whenever they can. For the 2021 Earth Day, Kiehl’s launched the “Recycling and be rewarded program”. Simply register as a member of Love Kiehl’s Social Rewards, now to earn Konnect Points and redeem gifts upon returning empty Kiehl’s bottles or bring your own bag when shopping at Kiehl’s stores. With the specified Konnect Points, you can redeem for a variety of gifts, including limited edition eco-bag and travel size items. The returned bottles will be donated to “V Cycle” for turning into reusable materials.

Since 2019, Kiehl’s has donated 213,249 plastic bottles* and 6,315 members returned 
Kiehl’s bottles to recycle environmental protection enterprise "V Cycle". After V Cycle collects plastic bottles from Kiehl’s every month, it will be sorted and sent to waste recycling partners for recycle. The plastic materials will be reused for industrial packaging after that. To fulfill "Future Made Better" commitment, Kiehl’s is using post-consumer materials packaging for over 80% of our bottles and jars, in further achieving the goal of using environmentally friendly and recycle materials for product packaging design. At the same time, the E-commerce packaging is 100% plastic free in reducing waste and improving recyclability.

The followings are the criteria for Kiehl’s bottle recycle and reward program:

1. All Kiehl’s plastic and glass bottles are acceptable 
(including lip balm but excluding travel size and samples.)

2. They accept other non Kiehl’s product bottles but it is not eligible to earn 
the Konnect Point.

Starting from April 2021, Kiehl’s will not actively distribute paper bags at shops to further promote waste reduction and environmental protection. Registered as a member of Love Kiehl’s Social Rewards, customer will be rewarded to earn Konnect Points and redeem gifts upon bring your own bag (BYOB) when shopping at Kiehl’s store. With the specified Konnect Points, customer can redeem a variety of gifts, including travel size items and limited-edition eco-bag.

Starts today for a better tomorrow!

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