LEONARD PARIS Presents Silky Wave

Silky Wave Sail away, with passion, desire and joyfulness. It is through a short film with a road-movie texture that Leonard Paris has chosen to present the SSS2021 collection, imagined by Creative Director, Christine Phung. Staged by the ocean, incarnated by two models, Margot and Maren, and professional surfer, Nina Reynal that the latter comes to life. Free, athletic and blissful, the heroines in the film luminously embody today’s modern women, traveling in a Volkswagen retro combi, with pit stops as they please to better experiment the ocean and its promises at daylight, and cherish the warm summer evenings at dusk.

With the Hawaiian shirt and its thousand possibilities as common denominator, Leonard Paris has imagined a solar and versatile collection, in which the artisanal know-how and riches of the Maison’s innovative techniques combine and position themselves at the service of beauty.

The iconic and signature orchid merges with palms, hibiscus flowers and wave foam on loose and supple blouses, light silk jersey jumpsuits, airy ponchos and kimonos, a cotton coat, quilted silk seersucker and long pleated evening dresses pleated in silk crepe. The surfers’ wardrobe is moreover emphasized through technical details affixed to short dresses or wetsuits in neoprene and mesh, as well as colorful swimsuits and a hoodie sweatshirt printed with the Maison’s inimitable color palette. 

The movie features an authentic surfboard made off Leonard Paris prints, as well as kites designed from shawls and silk scarves, becoming essential characters of this dream journey. Poetic, enthusiastic and colorful, the SS2021 Leonard Paris silhouette is unquestionably optimistic. A true ode to freedom found.


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