Montblanc x Pirelli @ New Limited Edition Luggage Featuring Pirelli Mini-Tyres

Montblanc and Pirelli return with a new limited edition luggage featuring Pirelli mini-tyres that mirror the P ZERO™ tyre, created for those who seek style and lovers of high performance from their luggage. A collaboration driven by excellence, performance and speed, the outstanding design featuring black polycarbonate shell and rubberized red leather details, the lightweight luggage features high-performance roller-bearing wheels specially developed with Pirelli engineers.

Leaning into the tradition of mobility and speed upheld by Pirelli since 1872, the rubber compound created for the first time by the prestigious tyre maker ensures durability and quiet running wheels. The wheel tread mirrors the tread design on the high performance P ZERO™ Pirelli tyres.  “Pirelli P ZERO™ is the tyre of choice on many of today’s most exceptional and powerful sports cars because it guarantees extreme performance with its enhanced grip and control. With these new wheels featuring a special rubber compound and the iconic Pirelli tread, we are bringing that same focus on performance to our travel assortment, with the purpose of meeting the needs of today’s luxury business traveller in the most effective and stylish way,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

P ZERO™ tyre is the Ultra High Performance product combining Pirelli’s knowledge gained from Motorsport experience and Pirelli’s collaboration with some of the top car manufacturers. More than just a brand, Pirelli’s P ZERO™ is considered among many an icon: a famous name recognised by performance car fans worldwide, who know that it stands for a world of technology, passion, and exclusivity. The 360° degree roller-bearing wheels mirroring the asymmetric P ZERO™ tread motif. As confirmed by a noise test carried out in the Pirelli labs, the new wheels deliver a 10% noise reduction and a more homogeneous noise distribution over the entire sound spectrum compared to the already quiet running Montblanc #MY4810 luggage wheels thanks to the rubber compound which has been specially formulated in the Pirelli R&D laboratories.

Pirelli’s expertise in mobility, speed and performance is paired with Montblanc’s passion for creating innovative and stylish products with technical features that help make the travel experience more seamless. Inside the cabin-size luggage, a spacious compartment with elastic bands on one side and a black net on the other side with zip closure makes ample storing of clothes and accessories easy. It also features a business card pocket. The sleek aesthetics are enhanced with elegant details inspired by iconic design cues from the red luggage tag to the dynamic and sporty design of the aluminum wheel rim that takes up the real design of a spoked car rim, as well as the “Montblanc x Pirelli” lasered on the handle bar as signature of the collaboration.

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