THEORY SS2019 Presentation In Hong Kong

Theory’s womenswear creative director Francesco Fucci grew up in the Southern Italy, where she got all sorts of inspirations for the new collection to discover signs of spring from the sea, the sky, and different colours.

Fucci explainson his second collection for Theory following his Pre-Spring debut , “In this collection, I explored, as always, the relationship between men and women. Clean-cut, distinct layering, together with fine stripes and elements of suit, make great contrast with the soft, elegant and sensualizing design.”

Using a palette of colours that recalls the Italian landscape including crisp white, maize, earth yellow, maroon, tobacco, pale blue, and grass green, the collection plays with bold proportion and mixture of lingerie elements, with reference to menswear oversized jackets and shoes.

As the season progresses, the garments become lighter and looser, indulging people in reminiscence of those long, quiet, hot afternoons in the Southern Italy. Even though the principle of Fucci’s design is simplicity, yet she is able to create a sense of luxury by using different kinds of fabrics, such as linen, charmeuse, nappa leather, washed silk, and double-sided cotton.

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