ANTEPRIMA AW2018 Collection

On the occasion of ANTEPRIMA’s 25th anniversary, the AW2018 collection inspired by art and compilation, is a return to the brand’s origin. This new medley, entitled “Modern Romance”, is encrusted with a dramatic aura of classic femininity from within, which echoes with modern women who feel loved and their hidden passion from within.

The collection took inspiration from British actress Charlotte Rampling, fashion icon of the 70’s, well-known for her sense of style and effortless beauty both on and off screen.  Her power dressing impeccably portray the myriad images of the sophisticated ANTEPRIMA woman – sharp yet seductive, masculine yet glamorous.

 Indulge in cozy autumn winter colors comprised of black, shades of gray, navy and milky white, with splashes of deep Bordeaux and rich Turquoise. The collection is a beautiful collision between classic and contemporary aesthetic, woven looser or closer, to reveal Anteprima womanly’s charm and underlaid passion from the rich layering of fabric.

The ingenious take on traditional tactile fabrics gives this modern intellectual wardrobe with a hint of vintage charm. Shawls, puffed sleeves, color-blocking and asymmetrical details accentuate the juxtaposition of lines, stripes, shades and textures. Elegant yet Seductive; Tough yet Glamorous – convergences of these contrasting sensibilities spark up the collection.

Exquisite knit techniques evaluate sculptural design without trade off on softness of knitwear, a perfect showcase of our knit craftsmanship and persistency in pushing the boundary of knitwear.

The perfect blend of traditional menswear elements - checks and oversized silhouettes, these designs are styled with scarves as shawl or neck muffler to manifest the femininity from within.

Pleating and draping create all sorts of amazing effect on compact or lightweight fabrics; adding volume as well as fluidity of movement on shoulder, hems and cuffs across the collection.

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