Montblanc Introduces The #MY4810 Luggage Collection

Montblanc #MY4810 is designed to meet the needs of urban explorers and intrepid adventurers who seek new horizons and experiences, and expect consistency and reliability to make their journey smoother. The brand new line of trolleys in five different sizes are trusted travel companions defined by high performance, sleek modern design, durability and versatility, crafted to fit in with the lifestyles of those on the go. Because every experience-seeking adventurer is determined to focus on his next endeavour, the Montblanc #MY4810 Collection is a tribute to exploration and wanderlust, created for today’s travellers making unexpected connections along the way. As an ultimate symbol of urban mobility, the collection pairs refined functionality and craftsmanship with modern and stylish design, built to last beautifully. Every urban explorer sets his or her goals on something on their travels through life, pursuing this ambition, and achieving their own heights with a travel companion by their side. Whether a quick one day-trip business trip accompanied by the Pilot Case or Cabin Size Trolley, or a longer journey abroad with the more spacious wheelers, the versatility and variety of #MY4810 offers the most efficient travel solution for every type of traveller. The range of five pieces includes a compact Pilot Case with two wheels, a four wheel Cabin Trolley either with or without a front pocket for easy access to personal technology. The Medium Small and a Medium Large Trolley offer ample storage space for long haul or more extensive travel.

Crafted in Italy, this new luggage collection brings together Italian savoir-faire, German mechanics and Japanese high-performance technology, blending lightweight polycarbonate with elegant leather trimming to deliver a cool urban look. The Japanese-made ball-bearing wheels with 360° degree rotation ensure comfortable and extremely smooth motion, while the German-constructed multi-stop bar allows the traveller to adjust the extension of the bar at any height with complete precision. An original grooving design pattern on the front panel evokes the signature Montblanc “M”, while a dedicated leather insert on the side allows to personalize the trolleys with owner’s initials. Inside, zipped pockets, laptop compartments and other organizational features provide smart storage solutions.  For the connected traveller, #MY4810 cabin versions are equipped with a dedicated space for a power bank. Each trolley can be safely secured with an embedded TSA lock. Whatever the destination and whatever the road to get there, audacious travellers can now embrace the Spirit of Urban Exploration with a personal and dependable companion at their side. Modern style, exceptional durability and smart functionality, the journey has only just begun with #MY4810.

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