Kurumba Maldives - Maldives First Private Resort

Travelling to the Maldives is not necessarily to burn a big hole in your pocket if you were to choose your hotel wisely and opt out the seaplane transfer cost. As it happens, a good 10 minutes speedboat ride away from Male Velana international airport, you’ll still be able to enjoy the Maldivian spirit with ubiquitous coconut trees all around you. Let time slip away and discover the true meaning of tranquility on the infinite stretch of the solitary shore. Kurumba Maldives being the first private resort in the Maldives has what it takes to offer you that moment in life. mylifestylenews writes.

Maldives is definitely on the brink of a tourism boom with hotel chains rushing to open more luxury and exclusive resorts. By venturing off the beaten track and saving more on your budget by not spending on the seaplane, a short 10 minutes speed boat ride from Velana International airport in Male lands you in Kurumba Maldives resort - a picturesque beachfront resort perfect for a romantic escape or time alone to relax. Escape to privacy at this unpretentious hotel, a secluded getaway to indulge in an unreal world of luxury and nature. Reach your paradise in just a blink of your eyes.

Surrounded by the pure turquoise water, filigree reefs and azure Indian Ocean, baby sharks and crowds of silver fishes travel in groups that can be easily found along the jetty, once you set foot on Kurumba Maldives’ private island and this makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling in its surrounding. You won’t get tired by looking at them chasing their prey.

Kurumba means coconut trees from the Dhivehi word – from an uninhabited island coconut plantation, you will find lots of them on this isolated atoll secluded by exclusive villas to a horizon and beyond. Suffice to say, being the first resort opened in the Maldives and the resort had just turned 45 years ‘new” and opened on the day that I was born, the entire property shows no sign of age, thanks to its constant upgrading and well-maintained work done over the years.

The lush landscaping is enormous and with ample shade from the coconut trees juxtaposing Kurumba’s pristine cerulean waters and sandy shores. From the nature perspective, it has done so well and in fact beyond expectations.

A bottle of bubbly fizz awaits us when we stepped into our Deluxe Bungalow set in the tropical coconut grove with views of the ocean. The room condition is very well maintained and spacious. Cleaned and polished solid wooden flooring looking as new creates the scene for a huge King size bed with high ceiling and fan. The interior design is simple and clutter free and allows you to spread yourselves out in this Deluxe Bungalow.

Although there is a circuitous path to get to the outdoor bathroom by passing through the walk-in closet behind the bedroom’s wall, the outdoor bathroom with both indoor and outdoor standing showers as well as double vanity facilities that are scented with the in-house blend of coconut shower amenities is simply adorable and sensible. An outdoor bath tub is well placed on the elevated area for you enjoy a bath with complete privacy. The veranda with outdoor daybed is another best spot to chill within your own deluxe Bungalow with uninterrupted bliss.

Snorkeling in the lagoon is one of the popular activities in Kurumba Maldives.

A relaxing spot under the Kurumba coconut grove.

The main swimming pool in Kurumba Maldives

There are diverse choices of restaurants for you to choose from while you are staying in Kurumba Maldives ranging from the all-day-dining Vihamanaa with a different daily themed buffet including live cooking station for you to whisk in and out at your convenience. You may even want to upgrade to a premium breakfast serve in Thila Restaurant
for a more exclusive dining experience with continental buffet that comes with some cheeky glasses of bubbles and the main menu is served on a-la minute basis. This contemporary signature restaurant and grill is another discovery for its out of the blue seafood and earthy Maldivian grills in the evening.

Other International restaurants includes the Khing Thai that serves all crafted Thai dishes, Al Qasr – the Middle Eastern restaurant, Hamakaze serves Japanese cuisine by the sea, Mahal for Indian cuisine, café for light meals like pizza and the Maldivian specialties and even Athiri beach and sunset bar as well as Kandu bar for cocktails and evening entertainment among many other options.

There is also a very well-equipped children playground with water splash pad facilities, gym, recreation centre as well as two swimming pools to chill and relax. Spa and wellness is another highlight in Kurumba Maldives, The Veli Spa set in the lush garden is a true Maldivian experience.

Activities wise, the Sunset & Dolphin Discovery Cruise in search of dolphins is a must book fun-filled excursion especially on a fine day. The Maldives is home to several species of dolphins, including Spinners and Bottle-Nosed Dolphins which can be seen gracing the waters near Kurumba.

With sparkling bubbly while watching the golden sun set and the dolphins jumping and doing their friendly tricks as they frolic and play in the wake of the boat, this will give you some good memories to bring home.

Glass-Bottom Boat

A family activity will best fit with the Around The Island Tour in a Glass-Bottom Boat. This small boat has a glass bottom which is best to view the marine life underneath and a great opportunity to photograph the island above the reef. It is a unique and wonderful way of experiencing the rich marine underworld that is the hallmark of the Maldives as well as an alternative way of bonding with your kids in the most educational way.

Kurumba Main Lobby

Almost unspoiled coastline and soft white sandy beach surrounded the island. The Lagoon in Kurumba Maldives is utterly peaceful, all you need to so is to bask in the sun  over the satin-like sand and keep this moment alive forever. Wander around the island and leave marks in the soft and pristine white sand and make time for your own.

For doing nothing is luxurious in Kurumba Madlvies, making endless day dreaming come true or simply enjoying the gentle breeze coming from the Indian Ocean and listening to the waves hitting the shore is an alternative meditation to reflect and find your inner soul.

A process of natural growth, and of proud perseverance, led by heartfelt service over the years, Kurumba Maldives has matured into the Grand Hotel of the Maldives, setting the benchmark for hospitality in the region, and in the tropics at large. Learning something about the destination you travel to will make the journey more memorable and create an emotional connection between you and the place. Get packed and be ready to make friends with the sun and sea.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Room Amenities: 4/5
Food & Beverages: 3/5
Housekeeping: 4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Vihamanaafushi, 08340
Republic of Maldives
Tel: +960 664 2324
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