The Emporio Armani Magazine Revives During London Fashion Week

The Emporio Armani magazine was produced by Giorgio Armani between the years of 1988 and 1997. Published approximately twice a year, it ran to 18 numbered editions (not counting the launch edition, numbered zero). Edited by Giorgio Armani and art directed by his sister Rosanna, the title was developed to explore the possibility of new ways to communicate with the younger, more fashion-conscious customer Armani had begun catering for with the launch of Emporio Armani in the early 1980s.

Now, after a hiatus of nearly two decades, Giorgio Armani is publishing issue 19 of the magazine to celebrate the exciting activity around Emporio Armani this autumn/winter, which includes its Spring/Summer 2018 fashion show in London and the launch of a new store concept in Bond Street.

With creative direction by Giorgio Armani himself, the title will replicate the large format of earlier issues and will look back at the pioneering work published then, while looking forward to today with contributions from young contemporary photographers and respected journalists of our time, including Tim Blanks, Peter Howarth, Angelo Flaccavento and Tony Chambers.

Giorgio Armani says, ‘I am really excited about this project. Since 1998, many people have asked me about the Emporio Armani magazine and why we did it so many years before this form of communication became common. I always say that I simply wanted to connect with a younger audience through a medium that was more engaging for them than conventional advertising and press. Now, with the new energy towards Emporio Armani, I feel it is the right time to revisit the magazine, and to once again champion great image-making, writing and ideas. When traditional media is thinking about its role and the function of print and digital, I want to remind people of how wonderful and inspiring imagery on paper can be’.

The Emporio Armani magazine became notable for its large format, which allowed it to present photography at a dramatic scale. As well as featuring the work of some more established names, such as Peter Lindbergh, Michel Comte, Albert Watson and Aldo Fallai, the title showcased photography by the young talent of the day. In its pages, you will find extended stories by the likes of Norman Watson, Roxanne Lowit, Max Vadukul, Enrique Badulescu, Pamela Hanson, Kurt Markus and many more who were defining a new dynamic visual aesthetic.

But as well as striking and memorable imagery, the magazine was also remarkable for the wide-ranging features it ran: from profiles of directors such as Wim Wenders and Federico Fellini, to the poetry of Lorca in an edition dedicated to Cuba, to cultural essays covering anything from the enduring appeal of The Beatles and the films of David Lynch, to the Abbagnale brothers, the medal-winning Italian professional rowers.

A young Jodie Foster gave an interview after making The Accused, while Rem Koolhaas, Cecil Beaton and Bernardo Bertolucci were brought into an expansive photo essay on the human body. Writers who penned prose for the title included Ingrid Sischy, Richard Buckley, Stefano Tonchi, Dylan Jones and Jay Cocks.

rEArranged - Issue 19 of the Emporio Armani magazine – have been published in a dual language edition (Italian and English) and available at select Emporio Armani stores worldwide and at the Armani/Silos in Milan.

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