MARIMEKKO Fall 2017 Home Collection

MARIMEKKO Fall 2017 Home Collection adds savor to your home with lively Finnish forest habitat in this fall.

Veljekset (Brothers) 
This print is created to celebrate 100th Anniversary of Finland’s Independence. Inspired by Finnish folk tales, this design depicts the harmonious life of three strong and expressive brothers- lynx, bear and owl, in the Finnish Forest.

Kiiruna (Ptarmigan) 
This pattern got its inspiration from two mysterious yet friendly birds, namely willow grouse and rock ptarmigan. The pattern shows the birds sitting and feeding in the middle of berry bushes.

Letto (Fen) 
This pattern perfectly conveys the richness and mysterious atmosphere of Finnish bogs with bog rosemary, marsh tea, water callas, cloudberry leaves and flowers, grass, moss.

The timeless classic Unikko dressed up into dark green color with Fall 2017 Pantone Color Marina as background, to decorate your home with fashionable autumn hues.

Tiara print puts on its new clothes in blue and purple colorway, to give your living space a mysterious fall ambience.

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