BALLY x Tang Yan @ First Asia Pacific Spokesperson

Bally has enlisted leading Chinese actress Tang Yan as their first ever Asia Pacific spokesperson, launching the collaboration with the brand’s new AW2017 advertising campaign. The collaboration with Tang Yan for the next two advertising campaigns provides Bally with a prominent platform to continue to develop its presence and build on its strong momentum within China, a market with huge potential for Bally. The brand entered the market in the 1980s and today has 60 retail stores within mainland China and a new ecommerce website launched to great reviews earlier this month.

Tang Yan is not only a leading actress of her generation but also a highly-regarded role model for Chinese consumers. Known as the ‘1 billion Queen’ due to the audience ratings for her acting appearances, she is enthusiastic about her collaboration with Bally: ‘I am truly honoured to be Bally’s first Asia Pacific spokesperson. Bally is an iconic brand built on a long history and exquisite craftsmanship. Its origin was a romance itself, as it was a gift of love given by Carl Franz Bally, the brand's founder, to his wife. I really enjoyed working with the highly professional and inspirational Bally team during our campaign shoot in London and I am very excited to be working on my first handbag collection with a brand that I really admire I want to thank Frédéric de Narp and his very talented teams for the opportunity and I look forward to further helping to raise the profile of this timeless brand in the future.’

The campaign was shot in London in May by New York-based fashion photographer Briana Capozzi. It showcases a bold and confident aesthetic embodying the new direction of Bally. Tang Yan is shot in a minimal white studio alongside up and coming male model Antoine Duvernois. The raw setting allows for their characters to come to the forefront, creating a series of portraits that candidly explores their personalities and highlights the collection making a bold statement about the brand repositioning.

Bally CEO Frédéric de Narp comments, ‘We welcome Tang Yan as the first Asia Pacific spokesperson for Bally. With her elegance, immense talent and astounding reach within China and the surrounding markets, Tang Yan is the perfect partner to continue the growth and elevated positioning of the Bally brand within these key regions. We very much look forward to working with her over the coming season.’

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