VALENTINO 2017 Pre Fall Fashion Show

 VALENTINO 2017 Pre Fall Fashion Show held in New York City is about  evolution encourages optimism, which in turns fills itself with romanticism. The resilient spirit forges itself on the situations, following opportunities, sculpting and fortifying its identity.

For how radically different, all authentic gestures speak the same language: human. Moments and people coincide. All alike, all different, and vice versa.

Elements of a wardrobe, in a blend that never repeats because individual: the shirtdress, the flared skirt, the sweater, the coat, the gloves, the boots. The signs integrate, maintaining their essence to discover themselves stronger.

To go out during the day, bringing along the swing on the surface, the jazz in the mix and the rhythm in the colors. Flowers as a synonym of optimism, or better delicacy that withstands even when it seems to dwindle.

To define the waist, up high, or to let it flow: points of view which create ways of presenting and being oneself. The embroidery as a sign that moves and makes one live, following the visceral urgency of decorating, transforming, of taking possession.Aesthetic becomes political, with grace, celebrating a plurality that unites individuals and fortifies them so that they are not denatured.

An America everyone dreams of: hope in mind and on the body.

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