PEOPLE BY PEOPLE @ Debut Sunglasses Collection

PEOPLE BY PEOPLE  ~ The celebrated fashion eyewear brand made its debut with a sunglasses Collection featuring trendsetting design with an “Asian fit”. The Sunglasses Collection offers a wide array of colors, using high quality polarized sun lenses, combining quality, style, and affordability to be the must-have accessory for 2014. Founder Candy Hui was born in a family with the roots tied to spectacles, with her first maiden voyage venture into presenting her sunglasses collection in 40 different choices of styles and colors, which are well-received and supported by many others.

Hui developed a clear understanding of what elements are required in making a pair of high quality sunglasses and to create a fashion accessory brand that is made for Asian and be supported by Asian.

There are two main lines in the collection : <Classic Stylistic Design - Day by Day> and <High Fashion Sunglasses - Just for Fun>. Living up to its name, the “Day by Day” collection takes on a sophisticated and classic design approach, making it easy to wear for almost anyone.  However, detail designs like plated accent at the nose bridge and the arms of the sunglasses, offering a classic chic style that flatters the Asian facial features. Colors available include black and a variety of color.

The “Just for Fun” collection is the most ideal for the trendsetters. Included in the mix are the big circular sunglasses, the style most coveted by fashion icon Rachel Zoe as well as a style that offers a foxy feel. This collection not only spells “fun” with a capital “F”, but it makes sure the fit is also easy to carry and very comfortable to wear.

“Ever since my return from Canada, I started working in the eyewear industry. I realized that realistically Asians possess facial structures that are very different from non-Asians. For this very reason, it becomes quite a challenge to find a pair of truly form fitting sunglasses for Asian in the market. From this thought, I knew we would introduce sunglasses as our debut collection for People by People. In terms of materials, I decided to go with high-end ‘polarized’ because I believe that the ultimate function for wearing sunglasses is for eye protection, and therefore, the quality of the lenses must be superior. I am very happy to have Maria to be our design consultant for this collection since she has a keen sense of high fashion. Maria has always been working with famed individuals and therefore, has a very good understanding of fashion and style. As a result, having her as our design consultant would give me the greatest dose of confidence.” Hui Commented.

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