HUGO BOSS Opens Flagship Store in Central Hong Kong

HUGO BOSS officially opened the first flagship stores in Hong Kong. The stores are part of ten locations in key cities around the world to feature HUGO BOSS's iconic new store design. The 1,031 square-metre store in Central's Central Building is the largest HUGO BOSS store in the Asia Pacific and the third largest in the world.

The flagship store houses the entire HUGO BOSS brand world in a new statement-making global store concept inaugurated earlier this year on the Champs-Élysées in Paris that provides a completely holistic HUGO BOSS brand experience for customers.

"The new flagship stores in Hong Kong offer customers a genuinely elevated brand experience and reflect HUGO BOSS’s core values. We have combined allof our diverse lines, from men’s formalwear and sportswear to womenswear and accessories, into one statement-making concept that exudesthe strength and clarity of HUGO BOSS,”said Dr. Gerrit Ruetzel. President and CEO Asia Pacific, HUGO BOSS Hong Kong Limited.

A statement of strength and clarity is the store concept. Black steel grids with LED strips and exquisite fabric wall panels form the striking signature elements of the new HUGO BOSS store concept, and reflect the unflinching design philosophy of HUGO BOSS: beauty within structure.Black profiles contrasted with bronze-tinted glass embody the assuredness and modern dynamism of the HUGO BOSS brands, while high-gloss and mirrored surfaces reflect their clean, classic timelessness. 

The overall space is solid and airy, sophisticated and contemporary, and form the perfect environment to showcase a 360-degree experience for customers, whether they are exploring the understated and refined luxury of BOSSMenswear, the sophisticated confidence of BOSS Womenswear, the sporty chic BOSS Green Menswearor the progressive attitude of HUGOMenswear & Womenswear.

At every store's centre is the “objet lumière,” a contemporary interpretation of a grand chandelier and a remarkable light installation that embodies HUGO BOSS's stringent and renowned adherence to pure form and function. This centerpiece epitomizes HUGO BOSS's brand philosophies and ties the different brands of every flagship store together.

The strength and clarity of the new flagship stores provide the ideal space for each of the HUGO BOSS brands to communicate with customers. With a distinctively refined, clear-cut and visionary store ambience, and prime locations at the heart of the city's key business and premium retail districts, the new Hong Kong flagship stores are an unequivocal statement of pure HUGO BOSS.

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