《6 Minutes @ Callisto Fedon》

Over 90 years of innovative, artisan work of art and four passionated generations, the hand is now fall onto Callisto Fedon, president of Giorgio Fedon to run this family's name business by using the old technique with new technology producing one of a kind Italian made travel accessories and leather products. He came to Hong Kong recently to launch their latest collaboration with renowned artist Michael Wong entitled MW by Giorgio Fedon. He talks to mylifestylenews on his business philosophy of the brand  that belongs to a family with antique traditions in the Cadore region, in northern Italy, active since in the field of producing eye glasses.

It has been over 90 years since the start of Giorgio Fedon & Sons in 1919, when its founder set up his own business, in two small rooms, with machinery and equipment reduced to essentials.

Giorgio Fedon began with eyewear design, in which I am still carrying one of those whenever I travel, it is foldable, light, and produced in old technique with modern technology. Later on we switched it to leather goods production and using the same philosophy to produce light weight suitcases with elegant touches and adjust to suit the market needs. Since then, the collection has gradually become a new symbol of Italian style.

This year, we brought with us the latest collaboration with Michael Wong and produced a series of design entitled MW by Giorgio Fedon. This new line is business and casual smart driven, you can wear it either for business or a casual weekend lifestyle purposes.

It is all began last summer when we met Michael Wong and we told him our philosophy and concept . Surprisingly, great minds think alike, with his bright sophistication manner and lifestyle. Michael's personality related to different industry, he acts, he sings, he fly and he does thing that reflects in all the well-beings; combining with the right manners, we think he is just right for us and how this collaboration was born, the rest is history.   

Our designs are characterized by the use of precious materials and minimalist design, which summarize processing traditional work and contemporary design.

A brand image and brand education needed to be built for Asia market especially China. It is for them to understand an established brand's background history and the value of the brand. New idea has to be implemented simultaneously with PR activities and events. This would be a good knowledge for new consumer market for them to understand the know-how of the brand.

Everything deserve a second chance and it shall have been done etter. However, mistakes are far more essential than success.

I don't involve so much in design now but I put on more time on building up my team. A good team to help me develop and design for the brand's philosophy and what we still believe in.

What Giorgio Fedon needs to achieve is to be part of the reference in business success with new ideas implementation; to become bigger and a brand that is well recognised.

I run and jog everyday when I can, it does gives me a space to clear my mind and return with fresh ideas.

My ideal living lifestyle is to have a good team in the company. Family is important to me as I love to be surrounded by my family and I embrace it very much. A great meals as well as great wine with great company to me is just divine.
Callisto Fedon poses with mylifestylenews @ the mock up one to one size helicopter collaboration with MW by Giorgio Fedon.

* Special thanks to Frement PR @ the interview arrangment.

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