Tiffany & Co. Celebrate A Rose Gold Holiday

Tiffany & Co. presents a scintillating range of dazzling rose gold jewelry, with various elegant designs specially selected from such iconic Tiffany & Co. Collections as the Tiffany T, the Tiffany Victoria® and the Tiffany HardWear collections. Graceful and delightful, this seasonal selection captures the warmth and joy that make the Christmas holidays the most wonderful time of the year. 

Bright and bold, the pieces of the HardWear Collection represent the vigor and revelry of the holiday season, with pavé diamonds glittering merrily against their 18k rose gold settings. Featuring a unique link design which evokes a sense of familial bonds, the Tiffany HardWear collection is a statement of character with their subtle yet assertive designs – an ensemble of pieces which best bring out the individual character of its wearers in classic Tiffany style. Sparkling and brilliant, the first part in this festive selection feature pieces of the Tiffany T Smile and Tiffany Victoria® Vine series – their sophisticated flora designs and clean handsome lines allowing the season to truly sparkle amidst the precious gemstones and exquisitely wrought rose gold settings. Adorned with diamonds and stunning in design, the willful beauty of these earrings and pendants evoke the jubilation of the Christmas holidays. 

To round off this exceptional Christmas selection, Tiffany & Co. returns to the Tiffany T and Tiffany T1 collections, the comfortable and energetic designs simultaneously fashionable and edgy in their execution. With the Tiffany T motif gleaming throughout this final set of jewelry pieces, these diamond-studded masterpieces bring a more easy-going note to the selection, their clean lines and streamlined designs allowing wearers to mix, match and make merry all at once – all while expressing their inner selves to the fullest.

With true Tiffany style, the Christmas season is set to be a rose gold holiday – a time to be celebrated with family and friends with all the festivities and merriment that comes with the end of another year. To this end, Tiffany & Co.’s special selection of rose gold jewelry is here to make celebrating all the more exceptional – to match the season of giving with its unique and splendid gifts of its own.

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