GUNTHER AW2020 Men Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

GUNTHER presents a poetic AW2020 Men Collection with 
Parisian contemporary luxury touch which offers a men’s wardrobe made up of revisited classics with an urban influence.

Saturday. 11:00 in the morning. When looking out of the window, there is no contrast to be seen. Everything seems to be wrapped in a uniform white glow. Falling down in large flakes, the snow is settling a white blanket all over the mountain.

Outside, the ski tracks have disappeared; so have our bearings. The horizon has become imperceptible. In front of the crackling chimney fire, feeling nostalgic about the day before, we appreciate this moment of calm during the storm.

Yet, the irresistible desire to go outside catches up with us. Dressed in GUNTHER's clothes, we choose to take on the whiteout…

Born in 1995, Naomi Gunther grew up and lived in Paris her whole life. After a foundation year in Art in Paris, she moved to New York to study fashion design in the prestigious Parsons the New School for Design.

After a 4-year BFA Fashion Design, she graduated in menswear fashion in June 2018. She then moved back to Paris and joined forces with Gabin Ducourant (HEC.2018) to start a few months later her contemporary luxury menswear label, GUNTHER.

Outside, with the head in the clouds, and our whole body plunged into a thick mist, we wrap ourselves in our hand-knitted scarf while our feet sink into the snow. The comfort of the chalet, the warmth of the wood fire and the winter colours translate into our clothes: their materials, their colours and their look, chic and relaxed.

Unique patterns, recycled wool combined with silky cashmere, GUNTHER textures echo our sensations but also the volumes of this winter landscape, wrapped in its most beautiful blanket of snow.  In the distance, our destination is gradually taking shape. We hear it, we feel it, and soon we'll be there."

Born from the imagination of Naomi Gunther, who graduated in 2018 from Parsons The New School for Design, GUNTHER is the combination of traditional know-how and a modern aesthetic, a fusion of authentic Parisian landscapes and the creative frenzy as seen in New York. Thus, in sophisticated and high-quality materials are handcrafted elegant pieces, with oversized cuts and original designs. Made in France, GUNTHER is also highly invested in making environmental-friendly choices. By using bio, natural or recycled materials and by producing in small-scale production the brand tries to be as eco-responsible as possible.

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