Andrew GN SS2020 Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

Andrew GN SS2020 Collection

Look 51:
Canary yellow gown with satin and organza appliqué, 
embellished with 3D guipure flowers.

The inspiration came from an image of Madame de Pompadour and was the stated muse this season.

Look 02:
Lace-trimmed feather light overcoat in
18th century-inspired stencil print.

She was the original influencer, impacting art and culture in the court of Louis XV.

Look 20:
Embroidered denim ensemble
with floral garland trim.

GN imagined his collection as her wardrobe, would she live in the XXIst Century - hence the soundtrack by Lizzo and Missy Elliott, and the main theme of the collection : <The secret modern life of Madame de Pompadour>.

Look 21:
Printed blouse with pin-tucked bib and
gathered patchwork skirt.

One of Andrew’s quote on this new line : “Imagine her living today: she’d be acquainted with social media, social responsibility, eco-friendly and all that. She’s still an influencer, in a very different way.”

Look 23:
Midi coat in tweed, embellished with Tahitian pearl and
black jet embroidery.

Relating to his own eco-friendly practice of sourcing existing materials, such as the vintage lace carried over from his resort collection that trimmed hems and sleeves, but also crafting garments that last.

Look 26:
Pleated gown with Tahitian pearl and
black jet embroidery.

The show mixes a high-neck stitched denim short dress adorned with pearls (opening number) with floral brocades, prints on silk crepe and embroideries, a contrasting acanthus leaf guipure appliqué being one of the strongest signature patterns along with the pleated and draped work.

Look 38:
Embroidered crepe midi-dress
with garland trims.

Gowns & dresses come colorized in bright apple green, coral, royal blue and fuchsia and in powder pink, lilac and lemon combined with 3-D sequined floral embroideries.

Look 41:
Floral brocade gown with
jewel embellished bodice.

Look 46:
Sleeveless lilac gown with
opal jewel appliqué.

Spiky chokers, pointy stiletto boots, hair in a high bun finished off with pearls or intricate braiding completed the look. Let me know if you need any further information.

Look 50:
Blush pink gown with satin and organza appliqué,
embellished with 3D guipure flowers.

Madame de Pompadour - Inspiration visual 

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