TOD'S SS2019 “Kiss by Tod’s” Advertising Campaign

 TOD'S SS2019 “Kiss by Tod’s” advertising campaign celebrates the Italians distinctive warmth and lightness presenting it in an authentic way, with a simple and genuine gesture: a kiss. Whether it is a sign of friendship, of love, a spontaneous greeting or a moment of complicity, the kiss is a universal code, which in Italian culture takes on a special flavour, a playful nod to the ltalian people's love and zest for life, of which Tod’s is a global ambassador.

Building on “Ciao”, the previous campaign, “Kiss” is a new chapter in which Tod's speaks of the naturalness of Italian style, starting with the simplest day-to-day gestures. The contrast between the warm portraits and dynamic motion, the playfulness and relaxed elegance add a dimension of cool edge and modern ltalian charm.

The international cast includes art direction by Fabien Baron and photography by Craig McDean, featuring Italian top model Vittoria Ceretti, an icon of refinement and modernity, Chinese super model Liu Wen and American Anwar Hadid.

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