BALLY Introduces New Vulko Sneaker

 All points lead back to Bally’s Swiss roots with the new Vulko sneaker. Imprinted with the geographic coordinates of Bally’s original factory in Schönenwerd, Switzerland as a reference to its Swiss heritage, the Vulko sole is also inspired by the welt of a bicycle wheel tyre giving this shoe a modern industrial vibe. The bike tyre reference emerged from inspiration gathered during a road trip the Bally Creative Collective took through Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. The presence of white rubber bike tyres gave birth to this new sole design and a feeling of nostalgia that references vintage throughout the new sneaker collection.

Named for and made with the vulcanised construction of shoe sole crafting, the sneaker is extremely durable. The low-top style Vrey comes in white leather, multi-colour camel check pattern borrowed from Spring Summer’s ready-to-wear and an Edelweiss-motif archive print. The high-top Vulker version which has a more fashion-forward outlook comes in the same multi-colour camel check pattern as well as a natural suede style.

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