KENZO SS2018 Men's & Women's Runway Collection

KENZO SS2018 Men's & Women's Runway Collection celebrates two muses - one who represents the modern view of the house, and one from its past. Two people who revolutionized the global zeitgeist in very different ways. Between these two people, there are many parallels as there are divergences.

What remains unique is their individual capability to inspire, provoke and influence. Ryuichi Sakamoto remains to this day, one of the people who sparks a myriad of ideas in everything both the designer duo Carol Lim Humberto Leon do. Starting off as one third of pioneering electro group, "Yellow magic orchestra" and then a solo composer, activist and dancer, over the course of his career he has epitomized progress and reform, enlightenment and enrichment.

Sayoko Yamaguchi, one of the world's original supermodels, was one of Kenzo Takada's muses. Her originality lay in her capacity to offer Chameleon-like qualities to endless inspirations. Upon looking through the many images in the house's archives of her and Kenzo, the designer duo were inspired by her transformative character.

For both collections, they aim to capture the duality pf the two figures and look at  the era when they both ruled on two distant continent; to Ryuichi's personal flair when questioning the norm, and to Sayoko's ability to mix patterns, prints, silhouettes and colors.

For the women's collection they worked with clashing stripes and florals. Paisley skirts meet racing tees. Ruffled dresses in crepe appear with floral jacquard coats. Men's tailored elements contrast with boldly-feminine metallic silks or memory satin in dusty pinks.

Reversible raincoats offer the option of a classic trench or high gloss. Trouser shapes are the meeting of ski pants and bikers. Baby blue, vivid yellow and fuchsia transparent organzas are worn over graphic skirts and tops.

The men's collections style is reminiscent of Ryuichi's individualism. A collage of British tailoring and Japanese baseball, shapes are strong shouldered and high waisted.

50's baseball trousers are matched with graphic album cover tees, Prints exclusive supplied by Ryuichi Sakamoto himself are worn alongside paisley and striped trousers and tops.

Women's accessories pack a floral punch with especially conceived flower appliques on belts, chokers and materially melanged sandals.

The new "Gyoza" tote with a ball clasp fastening makes its debuts in vivid neon, stripes or patent leather.

Men's trench belts are worn affixed to trousers or extra-long. The micro gym bags come in a leather nylon mix. Flat soled boots or sandals complement the cropped finished trousers.

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