EDVARD Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna - Minimalist At Its Best

Dining out can sometimes be an expensive pastime but when you choose wisely you will think your money is well worth spending. Staying at the Palais Hansen Kempinski is one of life’s luxuries that must be enjoyed and to discover that they have EDVARD – a highly recommended Michelin starred restaurant – was the icing on the cake! mylifestylenews writes.

EDVARD has street frontage to the right of the hotel lobby but is discreetly tucked away and has a very chic ambience of Scandinavian ‘cool’ in its minimalistic design with dark wooden floors and fresh shades of lime green and white. The long dining room is elegance personified with one long central aisle and tables and banquette seating off either side. Simply elegant chandeliers and wall sconce lights add that designer touch in a very tasteful way with a neutral color palate throughout allowing for all the food to shine on arriving at the white clothed tables.

As expected for a one Michelin star recognized restaurant, the tables are very spacious for two people and the accoutrements on the table are sparse so that it is all about the food presentation. The furniture makes you instantly comfortable and allows you to soak up the atmosphere while being guided through the menu by the knowledgeable front of house team.

It is always exciting when you are in foreign land to have someone, especially the locals who know and adore their food, telling you where and what to eat for their very own gastronomy creations, with local culture and heritage aspects as an influence. EDVARD serves seasonal dishes with international influences and regional products at getting the best possible taste out of every ingredient. Quality often comes at a price, but the joys of luxury dining in Europe are always affordable with a lunch menu. EDVARD has a set course lunch menu that takes one through a journey of flavors that had us anticipating some superb dishes based on the descriptions as the carefully crafted menu is based on the selection of produce that is to create the harmonic combination of all components to a complete dish.

The tasteful stucco EDVARD is named to homage the famous architect of Palais Hansen – Theophil Edvard Hanse also awarded for 17 Gault&Millau points. The menu designed is pretty much straight forward and simple with a choice of three from starter, main to dessert.

 Before we even began our starter, an amuse bouche presented on an open glass box laid with barley beans and a mouth full taster of light grilled scallop was served after one another to tease your taste bud. The presentation was a standout plus the homemade bread is divine.

<Pork/Parsnip/Chili> with thick sliced pork belly garnished with julienned chili, parsnip and sauce that is to blend well with the meat to elevate the flavor of the dish. A few deep fried crispy pork skins are sprinkled to give a bit more of a surprise to the palette. The creation could achieve its triumphant satisfaction if the flavor could be a little bit more intense and zingy.

The other starter <Burrata/Matcha/Millet> was superbly presented on a flat white round plate to highlight the garnish of seeded grains millet and rich burrata cheese with green tea flavor matcha dressing.

For main, we opted for <Halibut/Artichoke/Topinnambour>. We loved that the halibut was not being overcooked but lightly seared on the outside and easily pulled off by the fork sitting on a base of artisanal homemade foamy sauce. This is the best way to enjoy a freshly cooked award winning fish dish.

The <Beef cheeks/Polenta/Root vegetables> brings the notion of gourmet to the next level with each mouthful a party parade of flavors. Tenderly cooked beef cheek with succulent flavors that you won’t disappoint. A classic Michelin starred dish.

For desert, we faded out the cheese selection and went on to the <Guanaja/Tangerine.Licorice>, most citrusy and refreshing and aromatic with each spoon full wwhich was a delight.

As for the other dessert <Cox Orange/Walnut/Caramel> was like a labyrinth of love, getting lost at the beginning with a slight confusion in the palate but eventually you will find your way out by realizing each morsel is so enjoyable with the combination of ingredient used that make it work. You can’t deny that by dining in a Michelin starred restaurant comes with expectation. Sometimes good and sometimes leads you to disappointment but if the culinary team has done it right, endless surprises await. Here in Edvard, the potential is great!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Schottenring 24
Vienna Austria
Tel: +43 1 236 1000

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