ZIAD NAKAD SS2017 Haute Couture "Papillon de Paradis" Collection - LIVE From Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

ZIAD NAKAD SS2017 Haute Couture show wowed his followers at HÔTEL WESTIN in Paris during Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week recently. This collection themed "Papillon de Paradis" aka “Butterfly of Paradise” marked Nakad's second Couture collection by offering his own vision of a universal garden where butterflies and flowers are the main symbols of his inspiration.

Born of a Lebanese descent, Nakad knew from his very early teens that he was to work in fashion. Born to Create since his young years, Nakad was attracted by eccentric fabrics, sheer embroideries and unconventional beadings which married his designs back then especially sketched for his family to wear.

Nakad's design is a celebration of elegance with femininity revealed, radition and modernity combine to each silhouette giving the appearance of a sparkling bouquet of summer flowers in his latest SS2017 Haute Couture collection.

Nakad turned his dream into a career in 1997 when he was invited to take part to the Beirut International Fashion Show for Haute Couture in Beirut and dressed renowned super models like Karen Mudler, Nadja Urman and Jennifer Driver as well as mastering the art of haute couture by working with many famous fashion designers in Beirut.

Such exposure led to another milestone to his career with his first international defile in Milano in 2001 followed suite by another one in Cannes in 2003.

Destined to design and with the thought in mind that Elegance Made Woman, Nakad celebrated for his ability to reveal the feminine side of every woman and is now a design reference in fashion shows in Lebanon, the Middle East, the Gulf, Europe, Asia, America, and the world. His designs epitomize glamour and simplicity which appeal to a discerning clientele, including international personalities and stars.

In his SS2017 Haute Couture collection, mainly pastel colors are used: salmon pink, sky blue, shiny gray and it also evokes the color of honey.

Belts accompany some dresses to assert the size. Set with jewelry or bronze in shapes of butterflies embroidered with Swarovski stones.

Nakad's designs are typified by their classy soul, potent femininity, and attention to the tiniest detail.

Distinctive cuts come together with a creative mix of materials and colors to bring to life designs that truly reflect women's personalities.

Laser cutting, three dimensional shapes and sophisticated insertion of embroidery are a reminiscent of the butterfly structure and its extreme delicacy.

Its metamorphoses appear through various cuts; wide or narrow, short or long or even asymmetrical for an audacity touch.

Each piece is a celebration of simplicity and sophisticated details. 

This is all made possible and keen to reach out to women who like clothes with dramatic flair and timeless femininity.

Women dressed by Ziad Nakad are offered aesthetic cuts coupled with a great attention to details revealing their potent character.

The designer’s strong enthusiasm for fashion and his ability to highlight women's beauty and silhouette have been at the core of his business attracting a discerning clientele who value unique designs and materials.

In this marvelous garden, a fabulous bride appears in an astonishing dress with a volume entirely embroidered with embossed butterflies.

Nakad remains faithful to his vision of elegance where technicality and attention to detail are the key words of his work and know-how. 

What makes a Ziad Nakad’s woman is a timeless quest for beauty and elegance where class is the master of sophistication and style.

Ziad Nakad SS2017 Haute Couture Show

*Cover Photo by : Thea Brion

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