PATUNA SS2017 Haute Couture Collection - LIVE From Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

 Apparently disparate, Patuna SS2017 Haute Couture Collection  inspirations comes from GOD's creation Eve who wanders in her very own secret garden. mylifestylenews reports live from Paris.

After her visit in Versailles, Patuna had the initial idea to transform each of her creation in one piece from the infamous and significance summer palace and the vibrant colors found their by its origin.

Patuna unifies the silhouette and cut with the choice of single thread and creates the invisible link symbolizing the distance between Paris and Tbilisi.

The collection signifies a woman of power, a woman in motion and extracting herself from her condition by acceding to the world.

Silk and velvet satin are used and appeared as a whole and woven in to serpent on each creation that adding the touch on Eve as her  guardian or perhaps the devil's allure.

vivid colors are used contrasting the raw and unfinished look adding the dramatic style in the each creation.

Seductive yet wearable haute couture pieces on each creation makes the style identical from her identity.

The flow and the silhouette from the evening dress seemingly expressing the rebellious of Eva ready to flee by night by meeting Adam.

Patuna SS2017 Haute Couture Show

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