《Kaiton Chicken Rice @ Pratunam Bangkok》

Chicken Rice in Thai is called Khao Mun Kai (ข้าวมันไก่) and we especially love this Hainanese Chicken Rice in Pratunam, Bangkok especially when you landed in Bangkok and arrived at your hotel in the evening. This would be the place to go out for your late night supper after your flight as Kaiton opens daily and closes at 3am in the morning. The chicken is deboned and succulent, simple yet tasty, the chicken might not be what you foodie expected from the regular Hainanese Chicken rice that you had have in Singapore or Malaysia but it has its own charm. We simple love the thick Chili padi sweet ginger sauce, or we rather called it dark & thick gravy instead. It is the best combination to the Chicken.
Oh yes, in order for you to go to the right restaurant which serve the Chili padi sweet thick dark ginger sauce, do look for the PINK t-shirt's, as there is another restaurant on the same row which may not give you what you want. As for the price, THB35 per serving portion and it comes with a clear chicken broth, it is one of the best late night light supper that would certainly satisfy your desire before heading back to your hotel for a good night sleep.
Address: Petchburi Soi 30, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel:  +66 2252 6325

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