Hermès Presents ARCEAU Costume de Fête Inspired By Polish Folk Culture


Hermès Presents the ARCEAU Costume de Fête, graced with pearls, sequins and coloured leather, the Arceau watch appears decked out in festive finery inspired by Polish folk culture. The Arceau watch created in 1978 by Two versions – one in white gold, the Henri d’Origny mingles classicism with other in rose gold – set with 82 diamonds singularity. Its round shape set on a stirrup feature a dial combining craft techniques as lends itself to infinite expressions of creative as they are demanding, expressed creativity and expertise. Framed by this case through colours varying according to with asymmetrical lugs, the Arceau watch two respective palettes.

The lively, joyful embodies the Hermès style and highlights equestrian motif is inspired by Polish original forms of craftsmanship. Miniature folk culture. Illustrator, typographer and painting, leather marquetry and sequins graphic designer Jan Bajtlik’s imagination reinterpret the Costume de Fête silk scarf is nurtured by traditional Krakow costumes designed by Warsaw-born artist Jan Bajtlik. and ornaments. His characters, animals and flowers draw on his native country’s popular art of paper cut-outs (wycinanki).

Miniaturised to dial size, the horse comes to life at the hand of Hermès artisans. Brightly coloured beads take shape on a sculpted metal base that is uniformly painted, a process punctuated by innumerable layers of micro-paint successively applied with a brush.

Emerging from this floral decoration, the spirited steed is revealed through equally meticulous piece of work: leather marquetry. Slim tesserae cut from different coloured leathers previously trimmed to just 0.5 mm thick are individually juxtaposed on the dial. This patient craftsmanship is complemented by delicately applied sequins. Six tiny, precisely selected shiny discs are pierced and sewn together with copper wire. As a final touch, the details of the harness are meticulously hand-painted on the leather.

Housed in a case measuring 38 mm in diameter, the Manufacture Hermès H1912 movement reveals the finishing and the ‘sprinkling of Hs’ pattern adorning its bridges and oscillating weight through the sapphire crystal caseback. A sakura pink or electric blue Swift calfskin strap complements the lively tones of these two watches, respectively issued in 24-piece editions.

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