Loro Piana SS2023 Advertising Campaign

Loro Piana SS2023 Advertising Campaign  vigorously expresses the energy of movement. Bodily gestures as a way to connect with the surrounding environment, in the urban landscape or far from it: Loro Piana explores another angle to its Italian roots. One as dynamic and invigorating as a boost or a jump, and as easy as the clothing that accompanies them.

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh both indoors and outdoors, by the sea, in the city and the countryside, in a villa or on the square, it features models Rianne Van Rompaey, Amar Akway, Mika Schneider, and Leon Dame caught as they move, clothes flowing around the body, gestures that are both expressive and spontaneous. Nothing is static: every image seems the frame of a cinematic sequence in which bodily energy is released and connection ensues. The confidence and personality of the diverse characters comes forward in a gaze, in a move, in an act.

The warmth of the natural light, the volumes of architecture as well as the painterly nature of the vegetation immediately convey an idea of Italianisms, the ease of a certain way of living and being that is typical of the Bel Paese.

The minutiae of local details, however, fade away: Italy, in the images, is an impression, an enveloping feeling rather than a set of geographic coordinates.

The pictures highlight the flow of the shapes, the density of the textures, the ease of the colors in the collection, which is an Italian journey onto itself: a balance of the active and outdoorsy, of the languid and the mildly formal.

Faultless tailored suits and airy dresses mingle with bouclé coats, knitted jumpers, and Loro Piana icons, in a mix of cottons, cashmeres, silks and linens in an earthy palette of natural hues.

Character is what ultimately defines the Campaign: an organic connection of body, clothing and gestures that is also a breaking of staid rules. An idea of effortlessness in motion is affirmed.


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